Friday, 3 March 2017

Skytrak vs Trackman Pt 2 - Shot by shot Player A

After the first part I wanted to try and illustrate the data captured on a more blow by blow basis so this is that attempt; this will therefore be a very chart heavy! Each chart shows the Skytrak and Trackman data, aligned shot by shot.

This is the actual Trackman data with no normalisation. Differences in calculations from the ST flight model should therefore be expected (but I still expect it to follow the measured data (e.g. short shot = short shot etc).

Summary data is useful but I think the below shot by shot charts illustrate just how accurate the ST is.

Ball Speed

I think this is highly impressive and shows excellent correlation between both systems. The difference is normally negligible peaking at approx 7.7mph in the worst case.

Club Speed
As a calculated parameter this is surprisingly close to the measured Trackman value.

Vertical Launch

Horizontal Launch

I think this shows the subtle difference in alignment between the 2 units. If you subtract approx 1.5 deg (turn the ST 1.5deg left) they match even more closely. I do not believe these 1.5deg affect the spin axis measurement but they do affect the offline projection.

Total Spin

I think this is the most impressive chart of all, Skytrak can measure spin rate with phenomenal accuracy. It is this which makes me think the Spin axis deduction is not calculating as expect (as opposed to capture). The sizeable deviations are caused by Trackman not returning total spin.

Spin Axis

As previously noted this is the only troublesome measured parameter. I think this chart clearly shows the Skytrak is measuring Spin axis (I would even say accurately) but for this player it is predominantly skewed in a negative direction. For myself (Player B) I am pretty sure we will see the reverse (skewed positively) because our shot shapes are opposing.

Flight Duration

A calculated parameter for Skytrak. This is impressively close considering we were hitting range balls with a slightly reduced distance.

Descent Angle
A calculated parameter for Skytrak, impressively close to Trackman for the majority of shots.

Peak Height

A calculated parameter for Skytrak, impressively close to Trackman for the majority of shots.

Smash Factor

A calculation based on a calculation so potentially risky. However, it seems impressively close to the Trackman value. 


As previously noted the wind was slightly helping and from the right. You would therefore expect the ST shots to finish right of the actual TM shots? However, if you take into account the circa 1.5deg alignment difference between the units (ST alignment approx 1.5deg right of TM target) I think these are almost identical.

Carry Distance

Carry distance looks spot on considering they were range balls.

Total Distance

As before total distance also tracks as you would expect (for a range ball).

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  1. Fantastic data! I'm looking to upgrade from my Optishot to a Skytrak very soon... Doing a bit more research this time around. :)