Friday, 1 June 2018

Gamegolf vs MyRoundPro vs Shotscope V2 Part 1

In order to improve on course performance it is necessary to understand strengths and weaknesses within your game. That way you can practise hardest on weaknesses to try and improve overall. There are now a variety of options available for shot tracking but the way data is captured and stats produce vary significantly. I have Gamegolf (GG), MyRoundPro (MRP) and Shotscope V2 (SS) so it seemed sensible to compare them.

Play golf (13 holes) using Shotscope V2 and record putting distances manually to check for accuracy.
Manually enter the same data into GameGolf and MyRoundPro.
Compare the resulting data.

Data Capture (Subjective)
SS couldn't be easier; wear the watch and play golf. When you hole out hold the watch over the hole and enter the number of putts taken. The data syncs via bluetooth to a mobile phone or via usb cable to a PC. For high accuracy putt distances to hole should be captured separately.

GGis somewhat intrusive (needing to tag every shot), but the process is slick and reliable. The unit is small and unobtrusive. For high accuracy putt distances to hole should be captured separately.

MRP (with Microsoft Band) was pretty good in my experience, although it didnt know which club was hit so you had to manually capture this separately. No tagging was required so the experience was unintrusive. The problem with this approach was the Microsoft Band or more specifically the band of the Microsoft Band - they split! I split 3 bands before giving up, it just wasnt fit for purpose.

MRP (with mobile). The mobile app is fairly slick but I dont want to play golf with a mobile phone in my pocket, let alone needing to use it after every shot.

Accuracy (Subjective)
All options appear pretty accurate in terms of tagging location. Gamegolf is pretty clever at 'guessing' the pin location. Shotscope doesnt guess it is reliant only on the accuracy of its GPS signal and in my experience it got this pretty close most of the time. MRP didn't attempt to guess pin location.

Post Round Editing (Subjective)
GGhas a very slick editor on PC. Distance to hole is shown when moving putts which is incredibly useful when you have recorded putt distances to the hole.

SS has a web based editor and it is reasonable. Frustratingly it shows shot distance, not distance to hole when moving shots. If you need to adjust a putt location this is very difficult. If the lie is incorrect (e.g. on green but marked as fairway) you cannot change this which leads to incorrect data.

MRP can only be edited on a mobile device. It used to be possible to edit on a PC but for some unfathomable reason Taylormade removed the website. Much like I don't want to play golf using a mobile phone I also don't want to do post-round editing on one. As a positive it does show distance to hole when placing putts.

Support Experience
SS is outstanding. I raised a support ticket at 10pm and by 10am the next day this was answered.

GG is good. I have raised a few tickets about rounds disappearing and they have been fixed within a few days.

MRP isn't supported from my experience. Course issues seem common and MRP/TM support dont fix them. You can raise requests and you will get a confirmation but nothing will be done. I attempted to point this out to TM via social media and their response was to mark the comment as spam!

This is becoming very long, results and analysis to follow in part 2...

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  1. Great info. This will help me for sure make a decision to eventually get one of these.