Friday, 27 January 2017

Dry Ball Testing

This is my third attempt at documenting this analysis because it threw up issues each time I tested; something which should have been easy to test!

  • Distance is largely the same across different ball types.
  • Spin rate will be higher with premium balls and lofted clubs.

Within the limitations of my indoor setup I tested by capturing 5 solid shots (not blatant mishits) with 4 balls and three clubs. Shots were struck from a soft range mat. Using this mat I have noticed shots launch higher and travel less distance compared to a firmer mat or turf.
The 4 balls were:

  1. Titleist Pro V1x
  2. Callaway Chrome Soft 
  3. Titleist DT Trusoft
  4. Callaway Supersoft
The clubs were:

  1. PW (46.5°)
  2. 7 Iron (33°)
  3. 5 Iron (26°)

Results and Analysis
Distance was similar especially when ball speed was taken into account:
Spin Rates were roughly inline with expectation, although the DT Trusoft was surprisingly high spinning with a PW.

Looking at the data the Prov1x was slightly lower spinning and slightly shorter than the other balls. At the time of testing I thought this was because it was the first ball in each set. However, as I am now discovering testing indoors (and not losing golf balls) is extremely punishing on golf balls. A day after this data was collected the Prov1x started showing very low ball speeds and shortly after this it sounded strange. Upon inspection I noticed the ball had fractured!

The wet ball testing is where things get interesting...

Supporting data:

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